Bullying at school

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Bullying at school
Bullying at school

Nowadays, bullying is a real problem in so many schools but we do not talk about it often enough. Bullying can take many forms: physical violence, mockeries, insults, excluding people or racketing. But in the 21st century it adds the 'cyberbullying' whereby you can be bullied by SMS or internet, more especially on social networks like Facebook or Twitter. A victim of bullying seems to be lonely and unhappy.

I believe that people who are victims must talk to someone else about their bullying problems because it is very difficult to find a solution alone whereas it is easier when you have someone who helps you like a teacher, a family member or a friend.

According to me, the solution can be found by mediators. Students who are bullied can talk to them and mediators will organize meetings with the bully and try to solve problems. The idea is that the victim is less upset when the mediator is his classmate instead of an adult, so he will talk to him about his problems before they become serious.

To my mind, school rules must be clearer and stricter. The bully should be severely penalized, because in the long run, a bullying victim can commit suicide.

Finally, this subject should be discussed in class, to show victims that they are not alone and are not forgotten and that the bullies will be seriously punished.

We can conclude that the problem is loneliness and exclusion of bullying victims.The only solution is the dialog with the victim, his bully and someone else who will arbitrate conflicts.

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I love your article a lot. This subject will never be over used. Keep up the good work. x
You have such a deep interest about fighting against bullying,racism... ! that's great.